6 Secret Weapons to Great Skin

We are all born with baby-smooth skin. Really, I’m not making this up, if you’ve felt a baby in your hands before you would know that soft supple feeling I’m talking about. We would all love to have that silky skin again, but the challenge lies in maintaining the health of our skin to achieve this. Thanks to everyday wear-and-tear (dryness, scars, bumps, and more), hair growth, and acne, this dream seems ever so fleeting.


All hope is not lost, however, as there are a number of incredible ways for us to strive towards having that perfect skin to flaunt your friend! From general care to habits to skin conditioners and sunscreen for acne-prone skin, we walk you through 6 secret weapons that Derma Angel swears by to help your skin look absolutely dazzling.

What Habits Promote Better Skin?

#1 Getting Sufficient Sleep 

Contrary to what people who are always grinding it out will tell you, getting plenty of sleep is always a good thing for your skin and general health. Experts generally recommend adults strive for at least 8 hours of sleep every single night. Getting adequate sleep will in turn boost your immune system, helping your body protect itself from harmful viruses and bacteria. Not to mention, not getting enough sleep can lead to reduced blood flow, making your complexion look especially pale throughout the day. Compound this with dark circles, wrinkles, and saggy skin around your eyes, and we are sure you’d want to avoid this at all costs.

#2 Concentrating on Daily Moisturising and Hydration

It does not matter which skin type you have, daily moisturizing can help your skin retain its elasticity and look its best. When dried out, skin loses its stretchiness and starts to look rough and harsh, causing your face to look more aged. We highly recommend that you find a good moisturizer for your skin, such as those offered by Derma Angel, and they are clinically tested to be 100% safe and efficient for all skin types. Alongside the use of hydrating products, it is also incredibly important for you to drink plenty of water, you need both to keep your skin supple and smooth. We are made out of 60% water after all.

#3 Carry Out Skin Care Routine 

Everyone should be taking proper care of their skin on a daily basis. This is where a skincare regimen comes in; a regimen is a routine of steps you would take and a collection of products used on a schedule that helps upkeep the health of your skin. By keeping to a correct routine religiously, you will start seeing drastic improvements to your skin texture and health, giving you an overall much more radiant look.


At the most basic level, you should be practicing a basic routine such as cleaning your face with our mild purifying cleansing cream. Followed by toning your skin using the balance skin conditioner (which is specially designed for oily and acne-prone skin). To finish off, a moisturising facial cream can be used to rehydrate the skin after a harsh day outside. Sticking to a basic regimen such as this can pay wonders back to your skin for many years to come!

#4 Good Sun Protection 

The UV rays that are found in sunlight are one of the most damaging elements to our skin, yet proper sun protection is often neglected by people simply due to the fact that UV rays are an unseen enemy. We don’t see them, so they can’t have such a drastic impact right? Unfortunately, extended exposure to UV lights will lead to premature aging of the skin, making you look older than your years may suggest! Using a high-quality sunscreen such as Derma Angel’s sunscreens for acne-prone skin will create a layer of protection that blocks out UV rays from reaching your skin; it’s even ultra-light so as to reduce the chances of an acne breakout.

#5 Skin Cleansing Before Bed 

Plenty of women wear makeup on a day-to-day basis but ignore the importance of properly cleaning up the makeup. While a makeup remover may remove the bulk of the makeup from your skin, it may not be enough for the leftovers that are clogging up pores on your skin. Various skin problems can arise as a result of clogged skin pores, with the chief among them being bad acne breakouts. Thus you may end up with a dull-looking complexion as the excess dirt prevents the natural exfoliation of your skin cells by trapping dead skin cells on the surface. With this in mind, always practice the habit of cleansing your face with a facial cleanser every night before bed. This ensures your face is clear of dirt buildup allowing your skin to rejuvenate throughout the night so you wake up completely refreshed.

#6 Having a Balanced Diet

Consuming a balanced and healthy meal will pay dividends for your skin. Consume meats in moderation and have a decent serving of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Since fruits and vegetables contain plenty of helpful vitamins and antioxidants, they can be beneficial in reducing cellular damage to your skin. Vitamins also promote radiant skin and can speed up the healing process of blemishes. Ideally, you should be striving to consume 5 servings of different fruits and vegetables throughout the day. How amazing is that? By being mindful and tact with what we consume, we can literally eat our way to healthy glowing skin.



Nothing in this world truly comes for free. You always need to put effort and money into achieving your goals and dreams. Or else they will simply remain just that, a fleeting dream. In order to achieve and maintain healthy and beautiful skin, we need to invest proper effort and money into nourishing it. With our 6 great hacks for healthy skin in mind, we hope to help you look your absolute best!