acne patch

Acne Patch
Day 12pcs/ Night 12pcs/ Day 6pcs & Night 12pcs

What Makes Acne Patch Great

0.01cm Ultra Thin

Breathable & Waterproof

Helps protect from external pollution

Matte surface

Makes acne highly invisible & make up friendly

Easy peel & Cutting line

For hygiene & easy use

Outer thin-Inner thick design

Fits the skin & enhances pus absorption

Derma Angel Acne Patch
Derma Angel Acne Patch

Protected Day and Night: Guards Your Skin 24/7

Acne Patch Day

Acne Patch Night

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How To Use

pimple popping

Clean and dry the affected area.

take acne patch

Take a patch from the box. Remove half of the release paper along the dotted line.

apply acne patch

Attach the acne patch to the affected area.

Remove acne patch

Remove the other half of the release paper. Press gently with fingertip for 3-5 seconds until it adheres to the skin properly.


Replace Acne Patch regularly for best results.

Replace the acne patch immediately if it appears white and bulged.  Ideally it should be replaced every 12 hours.

Derma Angel- Acne Treatment Malaysia Mascot 3


DermaAngel Acne Patch is made of medical-grade hydrocolloid material consisting of Carboxymethyl Cellulose. It’s able to absorb a large amount of pus, helping acne to heal faster.

DermaAngel Acne Patch has obtained safety certifications such as ISO13485 and GMP, and passed ISO10993 safety test. Unless you are allergic to hydrocolloid material, the risk of an allergic reaction is low.

Acne Patch uses physical principles to treat acne. It doesn’t contain drugs and is non-irritating. In other words, side effects are not a concern.

The main difference lies in the center of the hydrocolloid material. The Night version has a thicker hydrocolloid absorption layer which allows for better absorption and protection.

  1. DermaAngel Acne Patch is thick on the inside and thin on the outside, with edges averaging less than 0.02cm. It fits the skin perfectly and is virtually undetectable!
  2. Dotted line design on release paper allows for easy, hygienic application.
  3. Treated matte, non-reflective surface helps create a natural makeup look. With the ideal level of adhesiveness, it won’t come off easily.

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