DermaAngel Acne Patch For Night Receives Watsons Most Wanted Awards

Watsons Most Wanted Awards

DermaAngel Acne Patch for night received Most Wanted Awards at the Watsons Health, Wellness and Beauty (HWB) Awards 2022 in Malaysia. It is a special annual event of the beauty and personal care industry, which recognizes and celebrates all of the best products in the health, wellness, and beauty categories.


Over the years, DermaAngel has successfully gained trust from beloved customers thanks to its solid product quality. The stable quality of their acne care series takes the brand to a higher level of competitive environment with confidence. In recognition of their product’s outstanding performance in Watsons, DermaAngel Malaysia will always strive to surpass the needs of consumers and offer the best result by providing them with trustworthy acne care products. DermaAngel is believed to ensure their high standards in solving consumers’ skin troubles. To know about their acne care products in detail, visit them at