Skincare Tips For Acne Patch

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Acne happens to everyone. Dealing with acne is definitely a lifelong battle for some of us. It can be difficult to determine which treatments are beneficial and which aren’t worth your time. Luckily there is acne patch, one of the effective treatments designed to treat your acne. If you are ready to try using an acne patch, keep reading to know more information about the skincare tips of using acne patch!

The Do's and Don'ts of Acne Patches


#1 Cleanse and completely dry your face.

  •     Extra sebum, grime, and wetness have an impact on how well your acne patches absorb.

#2 After cleansing, apply as the first step in your skincare routine.

  •     Improve the way pus is absorbed without any excess layers of milky or moisturizing ingredients in your skin.


#1 Pick the areas with oily, soiled hands.

  • Fingers’ oil may spread to the borders of the patches and influence how well they adhere to your skin.
  • Tips: DermaAngel is specially designed to remove the patch by tearing along serrated edges. It allows users to easily apply the patch on the affected area and remove peel. Check the steps below to follow the correct way of using acne patch!
acne patches

#2 Use them at the wrong time!

  • Acne patch is more effective to use when there is yellow pus at the end of your pimple.
  • Acne gel (Derma Angel Intensive Acne Gel 10g) will be a more ideal way to fight cystic acne (inflammation, redness and inflammation) than acne patches.

What To Do After Removing Acne Patches?

1. Gently cleanse your skin

If your acne patch is applied overnight, wash your skin with a gentle, low-pH cleanser to clean away any hidden pus or pimple fluid (Derma Angel Mild Purifying Cleansing Cream 80g).

2. Hydrate and moisturize

Next, apply a skin conditioner to hydrate and moisturize the affected area (Derma Angel Balance Skin Conditioner 200ml). Replacing the lost moisture of the affected area is vital since the acne patch absorbs all of the pus and fluids from the pimple. In addition, keeping the affected region moisturised helps further healing of the pimple.

3. Exfoliate after acne completed heal and no opening wound

Focus on the afflicted zone when using a gentle exfoliant. The exfoliator will slough away dead skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and leave your skin feeling renewed. It is recommended to exfoliate your skin in the morning (or overnight), especially when the pimple wound has completely healed,  so that your skin appears fresh all day long.

Reminder Regarding Using an Acne Patch?

#1 Wash your face and dry it before applying an acne patch.


#2 Once patches become a milky colour (which means it has become saturated) or has been in place for over 12 hours, please replace it with a new one.


#3 Reapply the pimple patch until the wound is completely sealed.

DermaAngel Acne Patch Plus Helps Fast Healing Acne

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DermaAngel Acne Patch Plus


Some acne treatments can be extremely harsh to your skin, hence leaving it feeling irritated and dry. If you already have sensitive skin, applying a severe acne treatment can even aggravate the situation. Trying to get rid of unwanted acne and blemishes? With our DermaAngel Acne Patch Plus, we ensure they provide extra function in fast healing of acne to meet an improvement in the status of your skin!