The Facts You Need To Know About Acne Gel

acne gel

Acne is a skin condition that causes pimples on the face, forehead, chest, shoulders, and upper back, among other locations. Acne affects hundreds of millions of people each year, it is most common among teenagers, but it also affects people of all ages. Genetics, stress, fluctuating hormone levels, and the use of greasy or oily personal care products are all possible causes of acne. Hence, acne gel is vital to treat acne problems.

What is Acne gel ?

Acne gel is an antibiotic that works by attacking the bacteria that cause acne and can be used to treat mild to moderate acne that appears as pimples or spots on face, forehead, shoulders, and backs. Acne gel can be used externally in combination with other acne treatments.

How to Use Acne Gel ?

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How does Salicylic Acid and Sulfur in Acne Gel Work ?

#1 Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a type of beta hydroxy acid, and the formula is useful in treating acne.

#2 Sulfur

Sulfur is a common chemical that works in the same way as salicylic acid but is gentler on the skin.

Skincare Tips When Using Acne Products

Wash the affected areas

twice a day

Try cleansing cloths or towelettes

Use appropriate amount

Why Choose Derma Angel Intensive Gel Malaysia ?

Intensive Gel

#1 Deep Penetration

#2 Gentle pH value

#3 Oil-free formula 

#4 Enriched with Vitamin-C

#5 High Efficacy  


Whether you have been combating acne since you were a teenager, suffer from mask acne, or have only started breaking out as an adult, finding the correct product that suits your skin is always a challenge. Your skin has a memory. In ten, twenty, thirty years from now, your skin will show the results of how it was treated today, so treat it kindly and with respect. You don’t need the most expensive products on the market to achieve the decent results from your acne skincare routine, but you need consistency. The more consistent you are with your skin care routine, the better your results will be.


Get yourself Derma Angel Intensive Gel to achieve good results for your skin. High efficacy intensive acne gel with suitable formulas and pH value will give you the best result after persistent use.