Ultra-thin Acne Patch to Treat Your Stubborn Acne


What are Acne Patches?

Have you ever wondered what is the thing that stick on everyone’s skin these days? Yes, it’s a sticker, or well-known as Acne Patch or pimple patches. Acne patch is a semi-transparent and round wound dressing sticker that is applied to the skin, which is made of gelatin or pectin-based hydrocolloid materials. Salicylic acid – a substance that helps in acne-fighting might be added into acne patch to achieve better results.

Function of Acne Patch

  • Acne patch helps to absorb extra fluids such as pus or oil, that surround the acne on the face 
  • Other than pus and oil, acne patch helps to assimilate any toxins trapped beneath your skin
  • Protects the skin from bacteria or dirt from your fingertips 
  • Prevents you from picking at the acne or attempting to pop it
  • Prevents scarring on your face
  • Accelerates the healing process of acne

When the patch is removed, the pimple will most likely become flatter and less inflamed!

How to Use Acne Patch?

how to use acne patch

1. Make sure to clean your face and hands, allow them to dry before you apply them.

2. Remove the patch by tearing along the serrated edge of the acne patch. 

3. Gently apply them on the affected area and remove the peel. 

4. Press and hold for 3 – 5 secs until perfectly adhered.

5. Let them sit for 8 -12 hours. 

6. Replace the affected area with the new acne patch. 

Derma Angel: Ultra-thin Acne Patch to Treat Your Acne

acne patch
acne patch plus

1) Up to 0.01cm Ultra-Thin 

  • Derma Angel Acne Patch with 0.01cm ultra-thin looks almost invisible on your face no matter with or without make-up​!

Can you see the acne patch? 

This is the difference between Derma Angel Acne Patch and other brands! We are highly invisible! 

dermaangel acne patch

2) HALAL Certification

halal certification
halal certification
  • You can be rest assured when using Derma Angel Acne Patch because we are Halal certified​!

3) Breathable & Waterproof

  • It is breathable and waterproof to help protect from external pollution​

4) Outer Thin-inner Thick Design

  • The outer thin – inner thick design fits your skin well to enhance the absorption of pus and acne healing process​

5) Matte Surface

  • Acne patch with matt surface makes your acne highly invisible​
  • Apply the patch before primer and concealer, it’s make-up friendly​!

6) Easy Peel & Cutting Line

  • The easy peel of the patch and the cutting line fulfil the hygiene and easy use features for you​

7) Salicylic Acid Added (For Acne Patch Plus)

How Does Derma Angel Acne Patch Function?

When you discover acne on your face, use Derma Angel Acne Patch! Derma Angel Acne Patch seals the acne and absorbs the pus and oils that make-up the acne when in use to protect your skin. Acne patch heals the acne and it’s time to say goodbye to acne!

Where to Use Derma Angel Acne Patch?

Derma Angel Acne Patch can be used anytime, anywhere! No matter you are:



Wear them proudly and wear them loudly. Why hide your blemishes when these super-cute acne protectors help you to heal them? Here we are to provide you with  breathable yet protective solutions – Derma Angel Acne Patch and Derma Angel Acne Patch Plus (with Salicylic Acid) with ultra-thin up to 0.01cm that draws out impurities and speeds up the acne healing process to regain your confidence!